impact of advertising on the sales of an organization product and services ( a case study of Nigeria bottiling company ado ekiti ekiti state depot)

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The impact of advertising on the sales of an organization’s products and services cannot be overemphasized; having noticed the incessant problems faced by Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) Ado-Ekiti. In the recent times including and introducing its product to the market or the targeted audience such problems has been figured out to be insufficient, inadequate and poor advertisement techniques about a product in the market, therefore due to the survey and research work carried out at the regular interview, it was observed that there is no budget for advertisement which has severally coursed or create a vacuum between the Nigeria Bottling Company and the market. Such vacuums has been traced to be low patronage, low sales turnover and a rate of turnover which has affected the overall income of the company. It’s therefore recommended that the Nigeria Bottling Company has it may be show complement its advertising with other promotional tools to affect better sales of the product and services. On this note the advertising on the sales of an organizations products and services should be carried out at a regular time to ensure customers satisfaction, good sales note and to arouse customers interest towards purchasing the product. The objective is to determine which of the identified advertising strategy is most effective of all the possible application. Finally, base on the result of the researcher study, one rightly say advertising has a positive impact for continuous patronage, attention should be paid to product modification such as packaging, branding sizes, color etc. in order to make the product attractive and appealing to customers.




Title Page                                                                                                                  i

Certification                                                                                                             ii

Dedication                                                                                                                iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                                iv

Abstract                                                                                                                    v

Table of Contents                                                                                                   vi



1.1      Background of the Study                                                                                     1

1.2      Statement of the Problem                                                                       2

1.3      Objectives of the Study                                                                            3

1.4      Significance of the Study                                                                         4

1.5      Research Questions                                                                                   4

1.6      Hypothesis                                                                                                   5         

1.7      Limitation of the Study                                                                             6         

1.8      Definition of Term                                                                                     6



2.1      Advertising                                                                                                   8

2.2      Basic Concept of Advertising                                                                  11

2.3      The Nature and Importance of Advertising                                        12

2.4      Types of Advertisement                                                                           13

2.5      Objectives of Advertising                                                                         15

2.6      Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising                                       15

2.7      Advertising Media                                                                                      16

2.8      Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising                                  17

2.8.1  Advantages of Advertising                                                                      17

2.2.8  Disadvantages of Advertising                                                                 18

2.9      A Review of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc                                       19



3.1      Research Design                                                                                         22

3.2      Population and Sampling Selection                                                      23

3.3      Source of Data Collection                                                                        23

3.3.1  Primary Sources of Data                                                                          23

3.3.2  Secondary Sources of Data                                                                     24

3.4      Method of Gathering Data                                                                      24

3.5      Methods of Data Analysis                                                                        25

3.6      Procedure for Collection of Data                                                           25

3.7      Problems of Data Collection                                                                   26


4.0      Presentation of Data, Analysis and Interpretation of Data            27

4.1      Presentation and Analysis of Data                                                        27

4.2      Questionnaire Analysis                                                                             27

4.3      Interpretation of Data                                                                              38


5.0      findings Recommendation and Conclusion                                        40

5.1      Summary of Findings                                                                                40

5.2      Implication of the Study                                                                           41

5.3      Recommendation                                                                                      42

5.4      Conclusion                                                                                                   43

            Reference                                                                                                     45

            Appendix                                                                                                      47







Advertising is an essential activities used by most organizations in their desire to increase sales and overall profit of the company. The developments of a product as well as its pricing and distribution are not only important factors that contribute to how a product sales, other factor that contribute to its sales include adequate advertising and sales promotion. Advertising is a communication process that informs the consumers about the product, for seller to have improved sales, buyer have to be informed about the product, persuading them to buy the product.

The aims of advertising as a sales strategy is to bring existing and potential customers from different environment or relatively to know the awareness of the company product to a state of high awareness vis-à-vis desirability for the product. The choice of advertising objectives should be based on analysis of the current sales situation. This is in order to ascertain either to undertake the info in meeting advertising, persuasive advertising, comparism advertising or reminder advertising.           

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